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Super Hero Kids Series: 6 Ways to Help Kids Navigate Negative Self Talk ⁣

SELF TALK: it’s plain and simple⁣

Crappy thoughts = Crappy life ⁣ Happy thoughts = Happy life ⁣ I’ve spent the last 3 years personally sharpening this skill set + coaching other women and mamas in the arena. It wasn’t until this summer that I felt strong impressions to start navigating towards bringing ALL the kids in on it as well!

So, come along! Today starts The Super Hero Kids Series: Ideas + Inspiration to Build Emotionally, Mentally, + Physically Resilient Kids First up: 6 Ways to Help Kids Navigate Negative Self Talk ⁣ Empathize: acknowledging their struggle before inserting any advice will be the golden ticket nearly every time! ⁣ Relate: after empathizing, talk about a similar situation you’ve been through. They’ll see your resilience shine through! ⁣ Shift: teach them how to shift gears when negative thoughts pop up. You are literally making new neurological pathways in the brain when this occurs! Affirmations are incredible here! Check out this list of 50 of our favorites! Model: they’ll learn how to talk to themselves by watching YOU! Show them what positive + optimistic thinking looks like by doing it to yourself as well! ⁣ Add “yet”: add “yet” to the end of their negative statement. For example: “I can’t do this- yet” Learning takes time, and a “FAIL” is actually our first attempt in learning. ⁣ Bring up the Past: bring up memories of the past where they had success. Those connections are powerful emotion triggers to boost any mood! ⁣ Powerful right?! What’s a strategy you could implement today?

Sending you and your family so much LOVE!

xoxo Sammy


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