Introducing "The Experience"


This year we are focusing on Sustainable Emotional Wellness 

Our emotions color our everyday decisions, habits, thought patterns, creativity, connection, and sense of well-being. A part of your life that needs attention, just the same as your physical body needs proper nutrition. 

What is your emotional plan? 

In this Experience you will:

  • Learn how emotions can effect our physical body

  • Understand what happens when energy gets trapped + how to move it

  • Learn how to aromatically anchor and condition your body to feel joy

  • Learn how to use oils to enhance EFT Tapping, breath work, and affirmations

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out THIS FORM letting me know who in your family you will be attending for (ex: yourself or your child etc.) and the area of concern you'd like to focus on. After submitting THIS FORM I'll be in touch via email with a pre-survey gathering information that will serve us as we measure your results. 

2. I'll mail you samples of my 3 favorite essential oils to address emotional freedom

3. You get your samples and then join me virtually for a LIVE opening webinar, where I'll teach you about essential oil science + show you exactly how you use your samples for the next week. You’ll be able to ask any question your heart desires and I'll be live to answer you.

4. Enjoy your samples as directed and I'll be in touch mid week to see how you're feeling.

5. After the 7 day sample period, I'll send out a post-survey gathering results from your experience. You'll then be invited to our LIVE closing webinar where we'll share testimonials, and if you decide you’re ready to introduce essential oils into your world, I’ll help you get set up with wholesale pricing and offer a FREE 1:1 on-boarding call to set up a specific protocol for your health goals/concerns.

Sound good?

Pick a date to join us!

The Experience Winter/Spring 2020 

February 17- 24 (samples must be mailed by Feb 13)

March 9-16 (samples must be sent by Mar 5)



Excited to see your experience!

See you on the inside!



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