hey darlin' 

I get it. I get that every purchase needs discussed, pennies are shined, and often times you have to convince your spouse that what you're wanting to invest in actually works! <insert the skeptical man> It's ok! I've been there, I am currently there! Say hello to a family who has been living on a "college kid" budget for the last 5 years. When I purchased our first starter kit 8 years ago, my husband was convinced these were going to simply be really nice smelling placebo's!

and then it happened...

I soothed a 2 am babe tugging at his ear crying for relief. 

I supported a healthy fever. 

My next period was not painful.

My moods were stable.

My increased milk supply nearly squirted him in the eye.

My headaches were gone.

I hadn't been seen for a UTI in over 6 months.

(I was on an antibiotic every other month with these since I was 12) 

and then you'll never guess... after seeing these undeniable results,

he asked to try them for a man cold! 


I know! Now pick your jaw off the floor and let me finish by saying one thing- you may have been thinking, "I really want to be empowered with natural solutions, but we simply can't afford it! My dear, you can't afford not to. And now with more insurance companies allowing their members to use Health Savings Accounts to purchase doTERRA essential oils, there's really no better time than to bring this up for discussion again! 

You're in luck! 

I've designed the following collection with YOU in mind! It's affordable, broken down into monthly action steps, and you get goodies along the way! #booya

Ready to upgrade your home + health in 3 months? Let's do this! Here's how...

Step one: purchase your first order as a wholesale customer! Your wholesale membership ($35) works like a Costco card and will give you access to wholesale prices on your next orders for an entire calendar year + you'll now have over 101+ natural solutions at your finger tips with lemon, lavender + peppermint 

Intro Kit: $20 

My gift to you this first month is to give you a tool that will enhance your essential oil usage! Diffusing oils is the safest + fastest way to receive benefits from essential oils. Valued at over $35 you'll be experiences extreme savings right away! 

Blossom Diffuser: FREE

A staple in every home to cleanse the air and soothe congested airways. You'll find yourself diffusing this often or making a custom roller blend with your new rollers! 

Breathe: $22

Catch the chemistry bug as you whip up DIY concoctions! Valued at $25 this Fractionated Coconut oil + DIY rollers will become your best friend as you navigate safety and dilution with kids! You may even find your  self using it as a make-up remover?!

Carrier Oil + Rollers: FREE

The oil that will become the sharpest tool in your tool belt! This powerhouse will serve you in any anti-bacterial or anti-viral case! Enjoy it topically, aromatically, or internally. 

OnGuard: $34

As you make-over your self, your house will follow suit. Valued at over $15 you are going to start converting non-toxic thoughts + beauty products, and you'll soon find your self up-grading your household cleaners too!

Glass Bottle + Wild Orange: FREE

And there you have it: Wellness on a Budget! 

Grab my hand, let's get started! I can't wait to watch you

step into your emPOWERment! 

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