Here at The Haven We Believe...

  • That anyone can survive on autopilot- but that happy, fulfilled people are

      living, loving, and leading their lives on purpose.


  • In living at a pace that feels right for us and our families.


  • That by taking time to invest in our own needs, we will show up

      as better moms, wives, sisters, leaders, co-workers and friends.



Most of all, we believe that your journey matters and that no one should have to do it alone. If this is a message you need, welcome home-

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Mission Statement

The Haven offers community and experiential trainings, courses + retreats that teach practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, communication & leadership tools to unlock your full

purpose + potential at work and in life.


What to Expect from Our Community 

Weekly TEXT messages full of love bombs, insights,

ideas to ponder, mindfulness inspiration + MORE!

Monthly LIVE Life Coaching Calls

+ 30 min Yoga Instruction 

every first Thursday of the month  



Grounding breath work to create a safe space for our deep dive


Simple, powerful tools that you can leverage to create a daily rhythm

and bring your personal practice deeper

Journal Prompts 

Thoughtfully crafted journal prompts and experiments to help you

personally relate to the theme over the course of the month


Education around NLP, EFT + an optional essential oil that you can

use as an aromatic anchor to create new life loving neural pathways