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New Product Releases + How to Integrate 

Thursday, September 26 9pm MST

I'm Sammy Rowlette, your Holistic Health Guide, here to walk you through doTERRA's 2019 New Product Line-Up

These new product lines will become staple protocols you'll want to keep in your home, or practice so I've created a class notes PDF download so you can jot down the deets while you tune in.

Where can I tune in?

Meet me on the ohthereyouare FB page or IG LIVE

Thursday, September 26 9pm MST

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Where can I conduct further research?

      Grab class research references

 + protocols HERE


How can I get started?

Loved what you saw? I've got two simple ways

to help you begin your integration at 25% off

when they release Oct 2nd


Choose either a pre-designed starter kit

(as shown above as the AromaTouch Kit) or a custom starter collection

based on your health goals. For the pre-designed kits, I have the simple purchasing steps RIGHT HERE

If you’d like to design a custom starter collection, please fill in THIS FORM and I'll reply via email with what to order and how to use the products based on what you rated as your top health priorities

Can't wait to connect!

See you soon!



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