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Not Feeling 100%?
Let's Find Out

Uncover and address your mineral imbalances with
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Feeling like garbage but your tests came back

"within normal range"?


Doc says, "there's really nothing we can do"


You've come to think this may all be in your head?


Constantly thinking, "what's wrong with me?"


Hey sister, I'm glad you're here


I believe you.

I see you.

I hear you.

I was you. 


Listen, there is some truth to this being in your head. It's poor programming + it's not your fault. 


Good news is...


I've learned to rewire the programming that's keeping you stuck + YES, there IS something we can do! With a targeted Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) we can actually go deeper + see where your body is asking (crying) for support! 


When the body's needs are met (at the cellular level) it can more fully show up in ways you're asking it to! #momlife really CAN be the good life when we're NOT burned out! 


What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA for short) is a laboratory test for 20 minerals and toxic metals in your hair. The balance of minerals in your hair can tell you about your adrenal and thyroid function, metabolic type, stress patterns, immune system, and much more. Most importantly, hair analysis can tell you which vitamins and minerals you need to rebalance your body chemistry and restore your body’s energy production—the key to healing most health issues.

Hair analysis is unlike other tests because it provides insight at the cellular level, which is where most chemical reactions occur. This is why hair analysis often reveals significant imbalances even when other tests are normal.


Benefits of doing a hair analysis:

Uncover biochemical imbalances that are causing fatigue and other health issues

Many people struggle to find a cause of their health problems, even after visiting several doctors. But if you're not feeling well, there's a reason. And many times, hair analysis can explain why. For example, hair analysis can reveal heavy metal toxicity, mineral deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, dietary issues, hormonal imbalances, and much more. 

Take nutritional supplements with precision and accuracy

Sifting through the array of health claims, marketing hype, and conflicting expert advice about nutrition is confusing and time-consuming. With hair analysis, you’ll have a nutrition program that’s customized for your unique needs. You’ll know exactly what supplements to take and how much to take. No more guessing, and no more trying to figure it out on your own. Hair analysis is the only scientific system for choosing nutritional supplements that's designed for optimal health.

Monitor your progress and track results

When using a product or therapy, it is hard to tell if the results are superficial or if the therapy is working at a deeper level. With hair analysis, you’ll have benchmarks and guidelines that show you that you are improving. You’ll be able to track changes in your body chemistry and monitor your progress. Plus, we can adjust your program periodically as your body chemistry changes.

Support your body during stressful times

New stress factors in your life can cause shifts in your body chemistry that leave you feeling anxious and out of balance. With hair analysis, we can recommend specific foods and supplements to help you reduce the stress response and restore balance during stressful life phases.

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