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Super Hero Kids Series: "Gimmie Five" 5 Simple Ways for Kids to Practice Self-Care

SELF CARE. the holy grail of a thriving routine for mom, but what about the kids?! You betcha! We’re back with another #superherokidsseries and today’s topic is #selfcare designed for kids! Here’s how you can introduce the term so they can start recognizing signs from their own bodies as to when its time to take a break and reset. ⁣ Begin with a tree. Yep, explain that when a tree receives water, sunlight, and nourishment it grows strong and can provide shade, food, fuel, and building materials. It’s root system connects with other trees, creating a way to communicate as a community. Trees are great examples of good for ourselves and for others. And when they feel “out of sorts” ask these five questions: ⁣ •Tired? (take a rest or short nap) ⁣ •Hungry? (Have a healthy snack) ⁣ •Need a hug? (Ask for a hug or hug a stuffed toy or pet) ⁣ •Thirsty? (Drink a tall glass of water) ⁣ •Afraid or Anxious? (Talk to someone you trust) Include Essential Oils like cedar wood or wild orange (both products from trees like our example above) in your efforts as they are powerful tools to assist in calming the nervous system. Put a couple drops on their stuffed animal, or roll on wrists as you talk. The aromatics will also be a powerful tool when they use these strategies away from you as smell will trigger a “safe place” and confident memory for them. ⁣ Just like mama they’ll soon recognize this truth: when I take care of me, I can care about others. Do you agree?!




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