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Super Hero Kids Series: Food + Mood Connection

How to Feed Mood with Food

Did you know there’s an army of Superheroes inside your body? An ecosystem where Superheroes battle to keep you healthy? Meet Your Microbiome, an army of Good Guys (who thrive off wholesome foods) designed to battle the Bad Guys (who thrive off of junk) in order to destroy the ultimate villain—Inflammation (aka pain or root of disease) ⁣ The microbiome, is truly what makes us “tick” on so many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. When out of balance it can create havoc on our health, on all these levels. When dealing with a child who has minor or even severe emotional or behavioral challenges it would be beneficial to begin looking at what fuel they are running off of. Good news is, it can be made simple + fun! Here’s a few pointers from our experience👇🏻⁣ First- Mama, I know you’re doing the best you can. Keep being creative. Keep fueling {YOU} right so you have energy + clarity to be their example. & @just.ingredients are beautiful places I follow for ideas and inspiration. ⁣ Second- teach them to recognize how their bodies feel after they eat. What items give you energy? What items give your tummy an ache? ⁣ Third- let them be “label detectives” with you! I know reading labels can be daunting, but I’ve studied enough medical journals to feel confident steering clear from: sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colorings especially red #40 and Yellow #5 Last but not least- remember the stress of worrying about it too much will keel ya over quicker than the Lucky Charms will! (well... maybe our microbiome would disagree?) Above all, strive to be mindful and keep doing your best! ⁣




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