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50 Positive Thoughts + Affirmations for Kids

Ever heard the phrase, "you are what you eat?"

Well... the same rings true for what you think.

By simply shifting our thoughts from negative to positive, we can have a dramatic effect on our emotions and actions ultimately resulting in us believing and becoming what we think we are!

Here are 50 ideas to add to your tool box of positive self talk! Journal them, color them, or write them on your mirror!

  1. I am enough

  2. I get better every single day

  3. I am an amazing person

  4. Today I am a leader

  5. I forgive myself for my mistakes

  6. My challenges help me grow

  7. I am perfect just the way I am

  8. Today is going to be a great day

  9. I have courage and confidence

  10. I can control my own happiness

  11. I stand up for what I believe in

  12. It’s okay not to know everything

  13. Today I choose to think positive

  14. I can do anything I put my mind to

  15. I can do better next time

  16. I am capable of so much

  17. I believe in myself

  18. I am proud of myself

  19. I deserve to be happy

  20. I can make a difference

  21. I am in charge of my life

  22. I believe in myself and my abilities

  23. Good things are going to come to me

  24. My confidence grows when I step outside of my comfort zone

  25. My positive thoughts create positive feelings

  26. I am open and ready to learn

  27. I only compare myself to myself

  28. It is enough to do my best

  29. I surround myself with positive people

  30. I am strong and determined

  31. I can live in the moment

  32. Anything is possible

  33. I radiate positive energy

  34. I can take deep breaths

  35. I am an original

  36. I’ve got this

  37. I can take it one step at a time

  38. Today I am going to shine

  39. I’m choosing to have an amazing day

  40. I am in control of my emotions

  41. I am calm and relaxed

  42. I am working on myself

  43. I’m prepared to succeed

  44. I am beautiful inside and out

  45. My happiness is up to me

  46. I can change the world

  47. I am smart

  48. I am important

  49. I am becoming the best version of myself

  50. The more I let it go, the better I will feel

Sending you and your family so much LOVE!




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