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On your Marks. Get Set. BOGO!

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the BOGO sale is back

Saturday BOGO Buy Spearmint + GET Lemon + Tangerine FREE 


Spearmint - Hundreds of varieties of mint exist, one of the oldest and most popular being spearmint. Though sometimes confused with Peppermint, Spearmint essential oil is chemically distinct and contains only a hint of the menthol that dominates Peppermint’s flavor. Spearmint is a milder and sweeter mint—a great option for children or those with sensitive skin. This refreshing herb is used as a flavoring worldwide.


How do I use Spearmint?


Aromatically - The aroma of Spearmint essential oil is fresh and cool, yet also soft and sweet. Diffuse Spearmint, breathe its scent straight from the bottle, use it to refresh the air, and much more.


Topically - Spearmint can also be used topically. Take its enthusiastic aroma with you by applying a small amount to your temples and the back of your neck. If desired, dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil—or your carrier oil of choice—to minimize any potential skin sensitivity, as well as increase absorption. Diluting Spearmint will also help its scent linger longer on your skin. One of the best topical uses of Spearmint is oral. Spearmint essential oil is commonly used in dental products because of its mild cleansing properties and promotion of fresh breath. Add a drop to your toothbrush or toothpaste before brushing your teeth for a minty boost. You can also add a couple drops to a small glass of water for a refreshing mouthwash.


Internally - When taken internally, Spearmint soothes the digestive system, often taken with water for overall digestive support.* To take Spearmint internally, you can place a drop directly under the tongue; in a beverage like water, tea, or juice; or simply put a couple drops in a Veggie Cap.

Lemon - Sweet, tart, and completely citrus, Lemon essential oil comes from cold-pressing the peels of lemons and is a favorite of many. Pure Lemon can be used aromatically, topically, and internally in all sorts of helpful ways, improving your daily life.


How do I use Lemon?


Aromatically - The bright and bold aroma of Lemon essential oil is perfect for creating a cheerful, energetic atmosphere. Diffuse it in the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway—really, anywhere the scent of Lemon could add a happy, refreshing note to the space.


Topically - Lemon can be used topically—on yourself or in your environment for cleaning. It’s important to only use Lemon topically if you know you won’t be exposed to direct sunlight afterward. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for 12 hours after topical application of citrus oils to avoid any increase in skin photosensitivity.


Internally- When taken internally, Lemon can assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort and provide cleansing and digestive benefits.* Add one drop of Lemon essential oil to a glass of water for a refreshing drink that aids digestion and supports the body.*

Tangerine -  Tangerines are a widely cultivated citrus fruit worldwide (second in popularity only to the sweet orange). The sweetest of citrus fruits, tangerines are hybrids of mandarins, with a comparatively stronger, more concentrated flavor than the sweet orange. These small, juicy fruits have a thin peel, which is where the essential oil resides. Tangerine oranges are believed to have been developed in Morocco and gets their name from the stylish seaport city of Tangier, where visiting Europeans and Americans first became enamored with them in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These dainty fruits were then brought to Europe and the Americas and became known as tangerines, which literally means “from Tangier.”


How do I use Tangerine?


Aromatically - Fresh and tangy, the aroma of Tangerine essential oil becomes a quick favorite to many people. Diffuse Tangerine—or use it aromatically another way—to create an atmosphere that’s bright and cheerful.


Topically - When applied topically, Tangerine is cleansing and purifying. Place a drop in your evening facial cleanser for a boost or use it with your nightly moisturizer, enjoying the sweet and subtle scent on your skin. Because citrus oils can potentially cause skin photosensitivity if applied topically before exposure UV rays, you should only apply Tangerine this way when you know you won’t be spending time in direct sunlight. Or take care to apply it somewhere that will be covered from the sun. It’s best to avoid sunlight or UV rays for 12 hours after topical application of a citrus oil.


Internally - Along with providing benefits for a healthy metabolism, Tangerine supports healthy immunity, respiration, and digestion when taken internally.* Use a drop to flavor your water or add it to a smoothie and enjoy both the taste and benefits!

Here's How to Get it Set Up Step by Step:

1- Click Here to open up your wholesale account with today's BOGO

2- Choose the Wholesale Customer option to purchase doTERRA at 25% off for a full year whenever you want to shop. My Enroller ID should already be filled in for you but if it isn't, enter 892790 in the box


3- Fill in your personal info


4- Choose which kit you’d like to purchase. Today's BOGO is linked HERE Remember, all kits include your free wholesale all access pass which means you can purchase doTERRA for 25% off for a full year. This means an additional 25% off the BOGO items! So at the kit screen, select your kit and then simply type the BOGO oil into the cart search button and add it. The FREE oil will then automatically be added to your cart. 

5- Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

6- As soon as you’ve completed the steps above, email me at with subject line "Ready Set BOGO" as I have a special welcome package for anyone that starts before or during BOGO week! eeekkk! 

7- Best part?! TEXT "BOGO" to (208) 252-9667 + I'll keep you educated with 1x weekly usage tips + tricks!

Here's a few resources I've gathered for you to begin with confidence!

100 Uses for Essential Oils 

Essential Oils for Beginners 

Essential Oils for Kids 

Can’t wait to welcome you to this journey of

living + loving together!


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