I’ve gotta let you in on a little something…


Listen- this box does not contain a "magic happy pill." However, there is certainly some magic at work here and it's waiting to be unlocked by YOU. You are the happy you seek. By taking time to also prioritize your own needs, you can show up as a better mom, wife, sister, and friend.


Each box is designed to create more fulfilling routines and rituals built around the 8 tools of Intentional Living: Nutrition, Mindset,  Movement,  Sleep,  Self Care,  Social Life,  Relationships  + Service


There is a belief here that wellness is not one isolated area, nor is it focused on what it looks like. What we're going for here is what it feels like to be well. The Winter Edition will focus on: Nutrition, Mindset, Sleep, Self-Care + Service


The ball is in your court now babe. Pencil in a few distraction free days, gather your girl friends, or do this solo at a hotel downtown- Whatever you decide, let this be about you this time.


myfly.box Golden Rule #1

(F)irst (L)ove (Y)ourself

myfly.box Winter 2019 + Guidebook

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