Summer Sanity: Bucket List + MORE

It's our first full week home together since school let out and I'm ready...

Bring on the summer! Sleeping in, water fights, friends, road trips, endless snacks, parades, camping, swimming, golfing, fishing oh my! We keep track of all of our fun adventure plans on our Summer Bucket List But... it's all fun and games until mom wishes it were August already! Ha! Can you relate?

I'm a creature of routine, and my kids thrive off of it as well, so we're going to keep it flowing as smoothly as possible. Mom still holds true to her Morning Makers (you can find these on my IGTV entitled "Buenos Dias") and the kids still wake up and do their "check lists" before they roam free which include things like:


-make your bed

-brush your teeth

-get dressed

-eat breakfast

-oils + vitamins

-drink a glass of water

-20 min music

-20 min reading

And of course they are still responsible for being helpful, so I hold them accountable to their daily "house helps" aka chores. We break our duties into daily tasks like, Monday vacuum, Tuesday bathrooms, Wednesday bedrooms, Friday laundry etc. and then Saturdays are left for Zone Cleaning. All my inspiration in that department comes from Ralphie at Simply on Purpose

I still hold business hours during the summer months, so order is necessary for ALL involved, and since "mom guilt" is a weakness of mine, I strive to make sure that my hats are worn evenly.

<Enter Mom School>

It took me awhile to navigate balancing Mom and Business Owner so Mom School is something I designed when I wanted them to get my undivided attention just like my wellness consults, and conference calls did. Even if you do not work out of your home, there always seems to be something fighting for our attention these days! Over time, I've found balance by being faithful to "office hours" and spelling love with a T-I-M-E. Since time is all they truly want with me I've dedicated 1-2 hour blocks just to them during regular office hours. NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED! It breaks up our day so nicely and my "mom guilt" has decreased! Something about doing things on purpose feels soooo good! Here's how we've set it up...

Make Something Monday

Try a new recipe or bust out the craft box to let your creativity fly! (this often may go hand in hand with a Why Wednesday science experiment)

Time to Read Tuesday

Head to the local library or meet up for story time. (puppet shows and other performances have found their way into this day quite often, ha!)

Why Wednesday

Science Experiment Day! Pinterest has a bazillion STEM activities + we are making our way through understanding the Scientific Method with doTERRA's Science for Kids Workbook! (nerd alert for mom especially)

Thoughtful Thursday

This day is dedicated to seeking out ways to serve others. Drawing pictures, writing letters, or making phone calls to brighten someones day. (quite possibly my favorite day)

Field Trip Friday

We set this day aside to hit up the local zoo, splash pad, museum or store to spend their "house help" earnings. (I've enjoyed sneaking in a few Dave Ramsey "save, spend, give" lessons when we chose to head to the store)

I'd love to hear what fun things your doing to keep Summer Sanity at your house! We're all in this together!




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