Let's talk Tumeric

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I've got 99 problems, but Tumeric solved like 86 of them.

As a key botanical of the traditional Ayurvedic health practices of India, turmeric root and turmeric essential oil have a long history that has inspired modern uses of turmeric today. Steam distilled from the turmeric root, Turmeric essential oil has two unique chemical components most commonly known for their nervous system and emotional benefits. Promoting feelings of positivity, Turmeric is beneficial both internally and aromatically.

The Turmeric root is comprised of micro & macro nutrients that consist of water, fats, carbohydrates, minerals etc. What most people are after when they purchase Turmeric root powder is a small percentage of constituents called Curcuminoids & Tumerones which exist in a very small amount in the powdered form.

Curcuminoids are what most people are seeking because of their known anti-inflammatory benefits, however to obtain a therapeutic dose of Curcuminoids they need help entering our cells because they are water soluble and are not well absorbed by the body.

The challenge is, there’s poor absorption, rapid metabolism & elimination. You have to add in other factors to get the most out of it. The great news is dōTERRA has already taken care of this for us on the botanical side with the Alpha CRS+ and the Deep Blue Polyphenols. They are already paired with other herbs & botanicals that are needed to absorb it into our body and make it bioavailable.

The essential oil, Turmeric is in a completely different category of it's own!

The way dōTERRA distills this oil leaves only a 100% Tumerones and no Curcuminoids. doTERRA does not use CO2 extraction which is common on the market today. There you'll find solvents etc leaving the oil with an incomplete chemistry profile. doTERRA is only interested in the highest therapeutic grade. doTERRA's Tumeric is readily absorb-able and can easily + quickly act on cell membranes.

The benefits include:

-tissue support

-increased antioxidant capacity

-heart health

-preserved brain function

-respiratory support

-reduced inflammation

Take 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule twice daily or enjoy in a warm Golden Milk recipe.

This coconut golden milk tea is all about the Tumeric oil, which gives it a surprisingly subtle herbal flavor. There are many varied reasons for taking Turmeric oil internally, and this tea offers a delicious and healthy way to do so. Like stated above, it can be hard for the body to absorb curcumin. Which brings us to another benefit of using the oil instead of the spice—because of the turmerones in the oil, it can increase how well your body can absorb it.

Coconut milk and butter have natural fatty acids and make for a creamy texture. If you’re lactose intolerant, ghee is a great alternative—it is known as clarified butter, and while the lactose is gone, the butter taste is left behind. Honey is used as a natural sweetener, but it also contains helpful vitamins and minerals. 


1 cup coconut milk 1 cup water 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon butter (or ghee)  1–2 drops Turmeric oil Bee pollen makes a fun garnish and brings it's benefits as well.


Heat coconut milk and water in a saucepan on low for three to four minutes. Add butter, honey, and Turmeric essential oil and stir until butter melts and ingredients combine. Pour into mugs and add a pinch of bee pollen as an optional garnish. Serve hot.

You can also add a drop of Ginger oil for a heartier flavor.

Enjoy a cup on me!




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