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oh there you are... was created for those who dare to look within and find their true potential.  Happiness is a choice. In order to find true lasting joy we must find it within OURSELVES!  “ohthereyouare” was born on a day I caught reflection in the mirror of the girl I once knew while getting ready one day. I had been on my healing journey for a little while now, and I came out into the living room only to be greeted by my husband-- who grabbed my face and pulled it back like the lost boys did to Peter Pan in the movie “Hook” and said-- “oh there you are, there’s my Sammy.” He saw in me what I had caught a glimpse of as well, the girl we both had been missing. The girl who got confused with loosing herself in the service of others, and losing herself completely.
A paradigm shift from surviving to thriving is the difference between can’t and can. Let’s face it mom…we are the weak link--If momma ain’t happy ain’t no body happy. ohthereyouare came to me when I was in need of a desperate change. Stress, fear,  anxiety, raising my family, and marriage was taking its toll on me. Migraines, acne, mood swings, poor digestion, and fatigue were becoming a severe concern. It wasn’t until I finally made the decision to act, instead of being acted upon, that I found

health, empowerment, and joy.
I’m an addict to perfectionism, pessimism, compulsiveness, and comparison, but those do not have to define me.  When I began recognizing strengths instead of weaknesses I saw that I had many qualities, talents and tools I could share. Along my path of health and healing I’ve found tools I wish to share with anyone –especially young mommies like me-who feels trapped by their physical ailments and life’s demands.

you're not alone

 I wish to build an army of strong individuals who know who they are, and know where they’re going. Our family needs us to be our best selves. Their world is bombarded by fake, cheap, fast, and easy. We need to take care of ourselves so we can better

take care of them.
Life experiences have dealt me cards that have opened my eyes to the current crisis our world is in. We must stand as guardians of not only our families spiritually, but their health as well. May my experiences light a fire of desire in you to become educated, stay informed, and take initiative to make better choices.
I value my talents to teach and I enjoyed my years in the classroom, I currently enjoy teaching my children, and I look forward to connecting with numerous others as I share a message about integrative health as a certified holistic health coach, wellness advocate and entrepreneur!  I hope and pray you find value as I share my journey to find optimal health so we can thrive in this life and stand in front of the mirror and say,

“oh there you are”

Ready to see how those tools could help you?

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