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Welcome to this magical corner of ohthereyouare...

Why FLY?

Let me guess, you’re the type of person who is strong, caring, passionate and kind. You work so hard at what you do. You typically put everyone else's needs first. You love hard and feel deeply. You know you're amazing, and serving others often brings you the most joy, yet you often doubt your greatness because well... those you serve don't really have the capacity to validate you, so you go on feeling unseen and under-valued. In your moments of running on empty, comparison creeps in and you wonder if it's all even got a purpose anyway?


I hear you. I get it. I've been there.


Here's the deal- we're living in a world that is constantly bombarding us  with 'shoulds' of: do this, have this, look like this, parent like this, love like this, and sometimes it all becomes  too much.We're more connected than ever (thanks to our devices) yet we've never felt more alone. We have everything at our finger tips, yet we are the unhealthiest, most depressed society on the planet.


I believe the adversary loves seeing God's choice daughters living in this disarray. He wants us to believe happy is out there somewhere. And if he can keep us distracted long enough looking for it, we'll forget that we already have it.


Listen- this box does not contain a "magic happy pill." However, there is certainly some magic at work here and it's waiting to be unlocked by YOU. You are the happy you seek. By taking time to also prioritize your own needs, you can show up as a better mom, wife, sister, and friend.


myflybox Golden Rule #1

(F)irst (L)ove (Y)ourself

How it Works


Decide you’re ready to improve your quality of life and order a self care retreat in a box, delivered each season.


Surprise yourself with loads of healthy goodies, handcrafted love + a Retreat Yourself

3 Day Plan.


Use your Retreat Plan to create a retreat at home, and start implementing more retreat like behaviors into your every day.

What's in the Winter 2019 Box?

me flying.jpg

Variety of unique hand crafted tools for your retreat experience


29 page Digital Guidebook leading you through the

entire way

fly box.jpg

3 Day Retreat Revival

Game Plan 

Everything you need to create a  self care retreat at home!


Winter 2019 Box CLOSE OUT $39.00 + FREE SHIPPING in the USA

What people are saying...

This really does feel like a mini retreat which is incredible! 


The time and detail that went into this is remarkable!


I'm so dang excited! I can't to see what's inside!


I will order one every season. This has been an incredible experience!


Ok, so my wife has been doing your retreat thingy and I'm astounded at the transformation that has taken place. Thanks Sammy. What a gift.


Welcome - Come sit with us!

So you've purchased the Winter Box?
Let's do this thing...
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