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Hey there! I'm stoked


I’m Sammy- a wife, mama and founder of oh there YOU are. Life has dealt me a fair share of trauma, but I've learned those events do have to have crippling power over my current state. I can have and hold happy NOW, no matter the circumstances around me.

I believe:

  • stress can be managed, avoided + put to use

  • mindset, movement, breathwork, meditation + mama nature are our most powerful allies

  • emotional intelligence (EQ) is more valuable than IQ

  • if you're not having fun, some things may need to shift

  • if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy

  • in taking care of ourselves so we can best take care of our families

  • a paradigm shift from surviving to thriving is the difference between can’t and can.

  • in hope, healing, and simplicity

  • nutrition goes beyond our plate

  • in YOU

Ready to explore what living life on purpose can do for YOU?

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