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hey hope dealer...

Whether you’ve been part of The Shine Collective Community for a while or we have just connected, don’t think you’re here by coincidence.

There is a part of you designed for more …

Whether that is a higher level of health, more abundance and freedom with your time + finances or perhaps to serve others in a bigger way. I'm stoked you’re here because I know you are passionate about loving yourself so fiercely that others can't help but to ask why you're so happy.

You won’t give up, or let up. You’ve come too far to come this far. You’re bumped, bruised, and beaten, and it’s all been for our good. What used to trigger you and trap your thoughts, now fuels your flames. You no longer meander in the mazes of mediocrity. You’ve gotten smarter. You’ve learned that what fuels you goes beyond your plate. Anxiety doesn’t own you, and stress is actually your friend. You’ve learned healing is a work of art, and that “happy” is IN you, not outside. And the mere act of being ON the quest for time, financial and addiction freedom is where you’ve found it, not in some far off place in a land called “when”... ⁣

The road may be narrow and always uphill, but your guide is reliable and your mission is clear. You are a disciple of Jesus Christ and you will work for a greater cause until He comes. And when He does... He’ll have no problem recognizing you. Your colors are clear. 



are you


Nice to meet you, I'm Sammy- CEO + founder of,

a wife, mama to 3, and another {YOU}.

I am set on showing up for women that are interested in taking ownership of their success, their health + their wealth. And I partner with you, to create the community + connections to fuel the movement that is changing the world.

I attract people who are willing to take 100% ownership of their time, health, success and their purpose.  
And the opportunity to make your dream life = your real life.   

The culture here is what people buzz about the most, 
and it's creating ripples around the world.


I have had the privilege through many occasions, to experience the heart + the integrity of the 7 founders of doTERRA. Everything you experience through the caliber of leadership in doTERRA trickles from the top. And within the doTERRA collective, you will find the brightest lighthouses all around the globe.

Why is doTERRA sold through Network Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why doTERRA is sold through the marketing model?
It's a wall at first for people because there are a lot of souls who unfortunately have given network marketing a nasty tasting reputation. I was initially closed off to it for this reason too.

And then I experienced the people, the culture, the oils...

I don't talk about the business side of my doTERRA work often,

because the truth is, I want you to start as a customer first. And after you've done the self work + healing with the oils, you may feel the pull to lead in this movement too. No worries, you'll know when the timing is right. It's will be right around the time you help someone you love work on their healing too. This business model is the most brilliant in the world because it places you in a position of authority over your own life. Removes all limitations, and leaves success completely in your own hands.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Get laser-focused and optimize your calendar for success

  • Turn your passion into uncapped, residual profits

  • Create a flexible work structure so you can work where, when, and how you want

  • Tap into your WHY and your WAY: your purpose and how to use your unique skills to make an impact on the world

  • Live, earn, lead, and love in bigger ways than you ever thought possible! 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You think it is a get "rich" quick

  • You are not willing to be a team player

  • You are not willing to fail at times

  • You have the mind set of "what's in it for me?"

  • You allow others to help you more than you help yourself

dream team.jpg

Who are the people of this community?

We are an extremely diverse group of holistic health coaches, stay at home mamas, yogis, energy workers, massage therapists, + more.

We live in such an incredible time. To be able to plug into a biz model like this and create a life where happiness flows... Many people are searching for ways to truly serve others in a meaningful way, with creative expression and products that really do work! 


Worried about “sales"? I get it, but here's the truth...


People say yes to people they 

know, like and trust. 

If you’re a health coach, or are in the health service industry - you’re here because you are fulfilled in helping + serving others. And the ultimate honor in life is really to be in service to others using our gifts and talents. As the market teaches, it’s very important for coaches to have a product they believe in, and a way to produce an additional stream of income.

What I’m sharing here is the perfect vehicle for merging all of that together,
and that vehicle goes by the name doTERRA
- A debt free, billion dollar wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world.

The doTERRA collective is over 7+ million people around the world, 90% of which are devoted customers. When I help you get connected to the oils, this is where I like you to begin. Begin having experiences, navigating your own self care, education + empowerment. And when you’re ready, I’ll connect you to the tools + supportive community you need to live a healthy, happy life.


To heal yourself, so you can heal others.

You feeling the nudge? 

Click HERE to summit an application and I'll be in touch within 48 hours.

You've done your research and you're ready to rock and roll? 

Click HERE to purchase your enrollment kit, grab my hand, and let's GO!

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