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Do you have daily habits you’d like to improve? Are you still wondering how essential oils and doTERRA’s premium natural supplements could help change your life? Well my friend, it's a very exciting time to join in! We are so excited to share that for the first-time ever, doTERRA has created one our favorite healthy habits collection as an enrollment kit! That means you get wholesale pricing (think Costco) on these essential oils & blends all year while also enjoying the supplements for a fraction of the cost if they were sold separately.

The foundation for making + keeping healthy habits is CONSISTENCY! Consistent, daily action can lead to dramatic changes in our lives and over all health.

Join us April 22-May 21 as we take daily action to create wellness based on principles surrounding the wellness steps. 


As you can see, the lifestyle habits are a foundation to proactively managing one’s health. With this Daily Health Habits Kit from doTERRA, you’ll get every product you need to be successful.

daily habits.png

Here’s what a typical day should look like during this challenge:


  • Apply 1–2 drops of Balance to the bottom of your feet when you wake up.

  • Apply 1 drop of Frankincense under your tongue.

  • With breakfast, take one Terrazyme®, one PB Assist®, and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality 


  • Use a citrus oil in your water throughout the day. Dr. Hill suggests Lemon, Tangerine, or Grapefruit.

  • With lunch, take one Terrazyme.

  • Appply Deep Blue® Rub after strenous activity in the afternoon (or when needed). 


  • Diffuse doTERRA On Guard®, add one drop under your tongue, or take a doTERRA On Guard® Softgel.

  • With dinner, take one Terrazyme and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality  


  • Diffuse your favorite oil for relaxation or apply to the bottom of your feet. We suggest Lavender or doTERRA Serenity®.


Now that the routine is laid out, it is time to take into consideration your own needs. You will notice that doTERRA Lifelong Vitality is on the schedule two different times. This does not mean that you have to take Lifelong Vitality two times a day. Rather, you pick the meals you will take it with, and what dose you are going to take. For example, you take half of LLV in the morning, and the other half and night. 

Print of this chart to help you with a visual. 

And as a member of The Shine Collective, this month only, you can join us in our private Facebook community and be entered to win fun prizes JUST for purchasing this kit and getting in on reviving + redefining your daily habits! 

Hope to see you there.



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