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Welcome to Your Fall Retreat Experience


We believe forward-thinking individuals know that outer success starts with inner transformation.

Because when people operate with purpose and passion, they thrive. 

Investing in ourselves is a powerful and rewarding way

to take not only give back to ourselves, but our families + communities as well. 

This event will be guided through an interactive platform called GooseChase where we will incorporate practical mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, meditation, movement,

and communication tools.




In a "scavenger hunt like" experience, all missions are built to anchor you to greater clarity and calm as we navigate the change of the new season.

Unwind, laugh, turn up, sweat, dance and HAVE FUN! 


We’re exploring retreat through a completely different lens this year! (hello change) Yes, change can be fun too!

Scary? Sure, but did you know that if you're uncomfortable,

you're most likely doing something right?! 

Growth does not come from a comfort zone. 


You’ll leave with self-care tools and healthy coping strategies to implement into your everyday life. There is no time like the present to tap into the happy now. So gather up all your friends, download the GooseChase App, and get ready for a day of intention, meditation, movement, mindfulness, anchoring, confidence building, enriching conversations, and more! 


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Welcome + Open Intentions 

9:00am - 9:10am (mst) w/ Sammy and Carolynn

Welcome, sisters! We're so stoked you're joining us! This retreat experience kicks off with warm welcomes and intentions. Understanding our intentions will have a big impact on our experience, and will enhance all of our senses.The doors of opportunity are ours to walk through and in this retreat, there are plenty of opportunities to grow, stretch, connect, and re-calibrate. #letsdothis


Meditation + Fall Visualization

9:10am - 9:30am (mst) w/ Sammy

Inhale. Exhale. Now repeat. Meditation is dedicated, intentional sacred time to connect with yourself and God. We are absolutely in a time of need for some serious soul food. Sammy will be our guide as we still the internal chaos and anchor to the calm + confidence of the changing season.

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High Fitness LIVE Event - Meridian, ID 

9:30am - 10:30am (mst) w/ Jess + Ashley

Whether you are a High Fitness junkie or a rookie on the block, our instructors are set to lead an epic endorphin sesh! Participants will be able to log in from where ever you are, or join them IN PERSON! Location details will be given at registration. 


Mindful Fall Recipes

10:35am - 11:15am (mst)

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, bust out the blender, or get your DIY on! 

These Fall inspired recipes are sure to inspire energy and glow from the inside out!

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Accessing Confidence When Things Feel Chaotic 

11:20am -12:00pm (mst) w/ Carolynn

We are the creators of our confidence. In this life coaching session w/ Carolynn you'll learn how to be the composer and director, silencing nay-sayers, and controlling our controllables. 

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Nervous System Body Scan

1:05pm - 2:00pm (mst) w/ Sammy 

Our bodies are incredible vessels that work hard for us each day. How can we listen to our bodies with more love and compassion? During our body scan, Sammy will teach us how to listen and understand our bodies in a new way.

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2:05pm - 3:00pm (mst) w/ Brene Brown 

Brene on Comparative Suffering, the 50/50 Myth, and Settling the Ball. We have collectively hit weary. This is especially true for the brave folks on the front lines of this pandemic and for the people who love and support them. And, it’s also true for all of us. In this episode, Brene talks about strategies for falling apart, staying connected + kind, and giving ourselves permission to feel hard things.

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Journal Reflection 

3:05pm - 4:00pm (mst)

Stillness. Reflection. Change. Our journeys in life are unique to us. Taking time to write down your experience, ah-ha moments, and what you'll do to adapt to your life circumstances. 

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Closing Connection Circle 

4:05pm - 5:00pm (mst) w/ Sammy and Carolynn 

There's something sacred about women gathering together to improve ourselves, families, and communities. Join us as we unpack our experiences and share our hearts. There's nothing like having your herd. We're glad you're here, sister. We're in it together.

The following is a flexible schedule of events. Log in right as the mission opens, or soak in the goodness at your own pace. 

All workshops will be available for a limited time. 

LIVE events are as scheduled, and cannot be revisited.




*Non refundable and due on or before

September 25th, 2020

*After you have a fantastic taste about this event, your $37

can be applied towards a future event later this year

*Includes all access pass to full day of activities,

LIVE events, and workshops. The overall mission point(s) leaders

will be entered into our future event GIVEAWAY



*Non refundable and due on or before

September 25th, 2020

*Includes pass to the Virtual Live Stream

OR In-Person event in Meridian, ID


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  • This is an all women's retreat.

  • ​All ticket sales are final and non-refundable

  • Payment is DUE on or before September 25th, 2020