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Welcome to The Anchor Method | Fall Experience

Beginning Oct 17 - Nov 13 we are Intentionally Setting Aside

28 Days to Nourish our Nervous Systems


I'm so stoked you're here - I believe forward-thinking individuals know that outer

success starts with inner transformation.

Because when people operate with purpose and passion - they thrive.  


Why the Nervous System?


Your nervous systems governs everything. Your cells, your blood vessels, your immune system, your endocrine system, your muscular system, your digestive system, your brain and brain signaling pathways + MORE! 


The only problem is that most of us are trying to heal ourselves and “fix our problems” without FIRST taking care of our nervous system. Which means all that work we’re doing won’t be able to give us true, lasting change & relief - That’s why it’s time for YOU to Nourish Your Nervous System.

Symptoms of a Dysregulated Nervous System:

Signs of a Nourished Nervous System:


Why the Anchor Method?

When your body and mind are nourished, you feel alignment with your highest self physically and mentally. Things feel easy, in flow, and your desires are met with little resistance. Energy overflows and you are motivated to achieve and DO more. Your confidence is expanding. You feel GOOD. You look AMAZING. Your health is vibrant and you are active, and full of life. 

The Nourish accountability program is a 30-day awareness blueprint to intentionally feel strong, healthy, sexy, and fully conscious in your body.


  • No more bouncing between “diets” and trends

  • No more self-abandonment or self-punishment

  • No more gaslighting yourself

  • No more feeling ashamed or unworthy

  • No more waiting or seeking external approval

This 30-day accountability program is specifically designed to give you the tools to fall back in love with the human you are. Learn to navigate your life with extreme awareness and intention. Understand how to re-parent yourself, change the negative inner dialogue that is on repeat, and anchor into your dream body and mind that is fully nourished on all levels.


Experience how mindset, movement, breathwork + meditation (in that order) are the pillars to feel free from fear, worry, anxiety and stress. 

Your inner knowing is guiding you and NOURISH is the blueprint back home.

This gets to be FUN!

What's included: 

- Hosted on a platform free from distraction 
- Weekly video sessions with powerful content 

- Daily affirmations 

- Accountability TEXT messages 
- Downloadable materials and accountability resources 
- Fun prizes to keep you engaged all month 

- Optional VIP access w/ personalized protocols 


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