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stress management like you've

never experienced...


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ready to learn from, live with, and even appreciate stress? great - welcome home...

Hey, I'm Sammy 

Welcome to oh there YOU are | Yoga + Wellness Co. 
After reclaiming my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through a variety of holistic practices including - yoga, breathwork, meditation + root cause analysis -  I have found purpose in guiding others to the joys of  mindful living.  By intentionally simplifying, prioritizing and detoxifying your life - you can shift your energy, re-frame your narratives, and stake your claim on the abundant lives we are divinely promised.

And in so doing - you will recognize that YOU are the "happy" you seek, and will
greet yourself by saying, "oh there you are." 

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Work w/ Me

take my hand - here's what I offer...

START HERE - grab my step by step guide
that will help you be intentional about stressing less 


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the anchor method

seasonally nourish the nervous system with daily movement, breathwork + meditation inside this self guided course. 

WARNING - feelings of calm and confidence await...


hair tissue mineral analysis


total body stress management

from the inside out.


target root cause and create bio-individual rituals + routines. 

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yoga like you've never experienced 


the most healed

the most fulfilled 

the most content + calm

YOU is waiting


the haven | retreat co.


be still + know

resets and retreats activating those who feel called to live life outside

the comfort zone 

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kids camp  


empowering kids with emotional intelligence, self love, and courage through yoga + mindfulness 

 you haven't even met the best version
YOU - not yet...


join the movement + become


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