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self love like you've

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ready to harmonize homones, release stress weight, and reclaim YOU? great - welcome home..

Hey, I'm Sammy 

Welcome to oh there YOU are | Yoga + Wellness Co. 
After reclaiming my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health from the effects of unmanaged stress, I have found purpose in guiding others to the joys of  mindful living.  

I’ve spent my career diving into the imbalances caused by stress that wreak havoc on the female body. I have helped hundreds of women, harmonize hormones, master their metabolism + release stress weight by addressing these imbalances at the cellular level.

Work w/ Me

take my hand - here's what I  offer...

Revival Foods.png

masterclass + quiz

How Minerals Impact Hormone Health, Weight Loss + MORE. Could Your Hormone Havoc be Rooted in a Mineral Imbalance? 

Mineral Makeover.png

the mineral makeover

Rewire | Replenish | Reclaim YOU

The Mineral Makeover not only teaches you about nourishment strategies to support your minerals, but helps you layer in lifestyle principles so you can stop depleting them in the first place!

Mineral Makeover HTMA.png

the mineral makeover
+ htma

Rewire | Replenish | Reclaim YOU

It's time to step away from frustrating "normal" labs and bandaids for your symptoms! Here we START with the soil in order for your root(s) to have a solid foundation to thrive in! 

Retreat Black Dress Group .jpg

the haven | retreat co.


be still + know

resets and retreats activating those who feel called to live life outside

the comfort zone 

 you haven't even met the best version
YOU - not yet...


join the movement + begin the journey to become the best version of  you...


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