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Hey friend, can I tell

  you the                


Happy does not exist in a far off place called when. It's here, and it's now. Inner transformation leads to the true outer happiness you are searching for. I'm glad you're here - it's time to stress less + love you more.


Hey, I'm Sammy - Welcome to

Oh There {YOU} Are


There’s a belief around here that the adversary loves seeing God's choice daughters living in disarray. Constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed + not good enough leaves us believing happy is out there somewhere. And if he can keep us distracted long enough looking for it, we’ll forget that we already have it. ⁣

Listen- this space does not contain a "magic happy pill." However, there is certainly some magic at work here and it's waiting to be unlocked by you. 

That's right, YOU are the happy you seek. 

And when you're happy, well... your surroundings are too! 



my services...

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Classes mindfully built using Restorative Style movements to help you retreat yourself + hit that reset button!



Designed to help you reconnect to yourself + instill a truth that YOU can be your own light even if the world around you is dark. 



Ready to Respond vs. React to your life? Begin to stress less + be present more with my Monday Mindfulness Messages.



This very well may be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health & our earth.