Hey friend, can I tell

  you the                


Happy does not exist in a far off place called when. It's here, and it's now. Inner transformation leads to the true outer

happiness you are searching for.



Hey, I'm Sammy - Welcome to

Oh There {YOU} Are


There’s a belief around here that the adversary loves seeing God's choice daughters living in disarray. Constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed + not good enough leaves us believing happy is out there somewhere. And if he can keep us distracted long enough looking for it, we’ll forget that we already have it. ⁣

Listen- this space does not contain a "magic happy pill." However, there is certainly some magic at work here and it's waiting to be unlocked by you. 

That's right, YOU are the happy you seek. 

And when you're happy, well... your surroundings are too! 



Coaching + Courses 

Learn how to shift your mindset so you can change your life.

Organizational Wellness

Tailored strategies to enhance leadership and nurture communication for peak performance.


Yoga, meditation, coaching, adventures, and community committed to leading our lives on  purpose.

We offer community and experiential trainings + retreats that incorporate practical mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, meditation, movement, and communication tools to unlock your full purpose and potential at work and in life.

We Believe...

That anyone can survive on autopilot- but that happy, fulfilled people are

living, loving, and leading their lives on purpose.


In living at a pace that feels right for us and our families.


That by taking time to invest in our own needs, we will show up

as better moms, wives, sisters, leaders, co-workers and friends.


That your journey matters and that no one should have to do it alone.

If this is a message you need, welcome home.

Oh There {YOU} Are

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